Three Great Years (repost of old Blogger post)

Oh man, its been three years since my last post. I’ve since co-founded a videogame company, graduated, made my first commercial (but not profitable) mobile game, and started working at a serious games company in L.A. called Alelo.

Funny how in my last post I mentioned:

This interest and apparent passion (I sometime stay up all night because I can’t stop testing out different scripting ideas) for the videogame/”interactive media” has made me not only question my choice in gradschool and career path, but also cued me into the possibilities of creating interactive simulations or games that can give the general public insider’s perspective on complex human/foreign policy issues or give a professional a platform to test out their policies on.

That kind of questioning came to a serious head a semester later and I was seriously considering dropping out of graduate school. I decided I was already 50k in debt, so I might as well stick it out. A semester after that, I was right back to the same line of questioning. I recall sitting in a slump on my couch, wearily looking over at my bookshelf, and noticing a perfect 50/50 split between videogame development/programming books and counterinsurgency, development, and conflict resolution books. I decided then, “Whatever that combination is, that is what I’m going to do.” If it didn’t exist, I was just going to make it happen.

So I did.

I still have a long way to go, but I now work for a serious games company that predominately produces products for the U.S. and Australian militaries.

Next step, world domin…errr… my own serious games company. Or something like it.

Been a great 3 years! 🙂

– Eric


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