Arrested Development

Hi All,

Haven’t posted recently as I’ve been busy traveling and catching up on work/sleep. In addition, and unfortunately, the venture I was about to begin had to be put on hold due to funds (my disposable income) drying up quicker than expected. So, I’m putting the brakes on that idea for the time being (should only be a month or so before I can return to it) and focusing on less costly (read: free) startup ideas.

Been thinking about leaning back towards videogame development as an avenue for my venture. I kind of wanted to get away from relying on creative works to produce income because they take a long time to produce and in many ways the creative work becomes the means to the end rather than the end itself. Now that I need a cashless startup process, it’s starting to seem like the best option. Either that or an app of some sort. We’ll see what shakes out, but I’m a little more optimistic this go around. Reason being, I’ve finally learned the true value of game jams.

Game jams are where you crunch in a very short period of time to produce a complete game. They’re great because you often finish the game before your mind has time to move on to other passions, to get over the ‘phase’ you’re in, or before you start to really feel the need to cut off all electronics and hit the gym. Working part-time as I am, it is hard to fit in a week or so long game jam, but weekend game jams are feasible albeit exhausting come Monday morning. For my situation, however, it seems like the best option.

I did the Ludum Dare 27 game jam this weekend, just to reacquaint myself with the art.

You can see the half-baked result here:

You can also watch the timelapses here:

and here:

This might seem like idle fun or procrastination at best, but keep in mind that this very game jam produced my buddy and I’s very first commercial product, Shaped:

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you all posted on what happens next.


– Eric


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